Hermetica. New Approaches to the Text and Interpretation of the Corpus Hermeticum

Les 18 et 19 mai 2012, à Princeton, se tiendra le premier colloque entièrement consacré au Corpus Hermeticum. En voici le programme :

Herme<neu>tica. New Approaches to the Text and Interpretation of the Corpus Hermeticum
Princeton University, Committee for the Study of Late Antiquity
Conference Program
300 Wallace Hall
18-19 May, 2012
Friday, 18 May: Morning Session – Christian Wildberg, Chair
10–11:15 AM Anna van den Kerchove, Sorbonne University, “About Some New Fragments of the Corpus Hermeticum”
11:15–12:30 PM Kevin van Bladel, University of Southern California, “An Inventory of the Arabic Hermetica: Problems and Prospects”
12:30 – 2 PM Lunch Break
Afternoon Session – Alex Kocar, Chair
2–3:15 PM: Jørgen Podemann Sørensen, University of Copenhagen, “The Eye of the World. An interpretation of the Kore Kosmou on its Egyptian Background”
3:15–4:30 PM: Gregory Shaw, Stonehill College, “Taking the Shape of the Gods: A Theurgic Reading of Hermetic Rebirth”
4:30–4:45 PM Coffee Break
4:45–6:15 PM: Christian Bull, University of Bergen, “Hermetic Rituals? The Rebirth and the Visionary Ascent”
7:00 PM Dinner in Prospect House for the speakers
Saturday, 19 May: Morning session Lance Jenott, Chair
10–11:15 AM: Alex Kocar, Princeton University, “Christian Hermetica: The Circulation and Significance of Pagan Oracles among Late Antique Christians”
11:15–12:30 PM: Christian Wildberg, Princeton University, “Corpus Hermeticum Tractate III: The Genesis of a Genesis”
12:30–2 PM: Lunch Break
Saturday, 19 May: Afternoon SessionGeoff Smith, Chair
2–3:15 PM: Brian Copenhaver, University of California at Los Angeles, “Under Which Lyre: Vico’s Hermes after Casaubon”
3:15–4:30 PM: David Porreca, University of Waterloo, “Opera omnia Hermetis antiqui: Hermes for the 21st Century”
4:30–6 PM: Coffee Break and General Discussion
6 PM End of Colloquium Program

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